Your Upholstery Options

Portland upholstery or just buy new furniture?

Whether to buy new furniture or find a Portland upholstery company has been a question that has been asked many times even nowadays, in numerous forums, boards on many multiple web sites and even personal blogs or even at informal every day conversations. We have just thought of including our own opinions about this particular subject because it has been a very popular topic throughout the years.

Upholstery Suggestions:

For us prior to deciding to ask somebody outside your household you can ask yourself a few but very important questions:

1. Is the furniture fairly recent, or old?
2. Does it have any sort of emotional/sentimental values?
3. Are you attempting to match interiors?

I’ll describe a bit more these factors. The pieces of furniture created twenty five years ago were quite solid and more durable due to better, more sturdy material, therefore, it still keeps its strength. There is absolutely no point in getting rid of furniture who have this quality. Vintage home furniture pieces are very popular and as everyone knows they can have a higher value than the one you may expect.

If you have any furnishings which you inherited from older family members, for instance grandparents you wouldn’t want to put it in the trash ( At least we wouldn’t recommend it.) If you’re trying to complement interior colors and have the desire of your own fabric colors or textures, certainly you go for re-upholstery and look for a Portland upholstery company as furniture sellers may not have the furniture in the color or even fabric of your choice. You select the fabric the furniture upholstery company has and then In-Ex Upholstery does its job and re-upholsters your furniture. As you can see, this last scenario would be the less costly than buying brand new furniture, and the emotional value stays there.

Do you need a Portland Upholstery Company?

If you need any upholstery service, including Portland furniture upholstery, auto interior upholstery, mid-century upholstery, convertible tops, commercial upholstery, residential upholstery, or simply upholstery supplies to start your own upholstery project please contact us.

We count with over 36 years of experience and count with a big portfolio so you can be confident your upholstery project is in good hands.