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Furniture Tips & Tricks: Is your furniture worth Reupholstering?:

Your home living room takes character from the furniture you have in it. A lot of decorative items, some family pictures and your favorite tv show playing on the TV, it all brings that home feeling we all enjoy. But the one part of the room we all forget to give enough credit to is our upholstery. The couch the entire family has sat around to watch Sunday morning movies for the past years, well that sofa will eventually get so much use that the leather or cloth will wear down. The springs move out of place and the foam sinks in and swallows you whole. The foam on your furniture is only meant to last about 10 years. In some cases, latex foam can last 20 years but if you have a latex foam couch you probably paid upwards of $5,000 for the couch. Latex foam is natural, very comfortable but very expensive. So, assuming you have polyurethane foam on your couch, in a matter of months after 7-10 years of owning, you will notice the need for replacing the foam and we have you covered. Foam can be cut to size and it comes in different weights and comfort levels, you would ultimately have to stop by the upholstery supply store to pick up your own type of foam. Knowing if the furniture you have is ready to be re-foamed and/or reupholster varies depending on the furniture.

Should you worry about getting new foam soon? Well, most foam only last 7-10 years depending on how often you sit on it. The foam is usually well covered inside your cushions, but foam turns into dust that can be harmful if it becomes fine enough to exit the cotton covers. This would be the best reason to replace the foam immediately. If you dare open the cushion covers of a couch after 20 years of being constantly used, you will need a vacuum to collect all the foam dust and pieces that may fall out. But luckily, furniture frames are usually meant to last a lifetime if not broken by jumping on it or dropping it from the second floor. The wood work is precisely made to withstand its common use. Furniture then only needs the maintenance of replacing the foam, and reupholsterying with new fabric if it may be part of the cats-and-dogs-ripping furniture apart epidemic of 2017. Check your cushions by unzipping them open and if you notice your foam being dry and not bouncing back, you are coming close to having foam dust creating inside your home furniture. And plus, once you replace the foam on your sofa, your sofa will feel new again and Sunday morning movies will be back to full comfort.