March 11, 2018

Upholstery Partners & Resources

Following are companies I partner with for upholstery supplies. More coming soon. CHARLOTTE FABRICS: Decorative Fabrics, Vinyl ROBERT ALLEN FABRICS: Fabrics, Upholstery, Furniture JF FABRICS: Decorative Fabrics GREEN HOUSE FABRICS: Fabrics DURALEE FABRICS: Fabrics, Upholstery MOORE & GILES: Leather CRESTLEATHER: Leather

February 8, 2018

Furniture Tips & Tricks

Furniture Tips & Tricks: Is your furniture worth Reupholstering?: Your home living room takes character from the furniture you have in it. A lot of decorative items, some family pictures and your favorite tv show playing on the TV, it all brings that home feeling we all enjoy. But the one part of the room […]

January 29, 2018

Foam Cutting Machine

Here are photos of our foam cutting machine. Do you need foam cut to size? Give us a call today!

January 26, 2018

Are You Looking for Upholstery Supplies?

If yes, you have showed up at the right page, In-Ex upholstery carries wide-ranging upholstery products at fantastic and reasonable prices. For a complete list of prices please give us a call at 503-235-0614. In-Ex Upholstery offers supplies that can be used for upholstery tasks in restaurants, hotels as well as homes. Our upholstery supplies […]

January 22, 2018

Upholstery Shop Portland Oregon

Looking for a upholstery Portland Shop? As fall and winter approach its now time to get your furniture upholstered and ready for those cold days when all you want to do is stay home and lay down on your newly upholstered cozy, comfortable couch or chair. This is why it is important to find the […]

January 16, 2018

In-Ex Upholstery Supplies is Serving Salem

Foam in Salem is now available from In-Ex Upholstery! Yes, if you live in the Salem, Oregon Area and are looking for foam you have come to the right foam provider! We have a large selection of foams in different sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. We carry polyurethane foam and latex foam, foam cut to […]

January 8, 2018

Your Upholstery Options

Portland upholstery or just buy new furniture? Whether to buy new furniture or find a Portland upholstery company has been a question that has been asked many times even nowadays, in numerous forums, boards on many multiple web sites and even personal blogs or even at informal every day conversations. We have just thought of […]

January 5, 2018

Furniture Upholstery Specialties

Furniture Upholstery in Portland is one of In-Ex Upholstery Supplies specialties, with over 36+ years of experience, In-Ex Upholstery provides the highest quality in furniture upholstery, commercial upholstery, residential upholstery, auto interior upholstery, upholstery supplies, upholstery foam and foam cut to size in the Portland Metro Area. As part of our experience with furniture upholstery, […]

December 24, 2017

In-Ex Upholstery for Foam

Foam in Portland can be hard to find in the Portland Metro Area, but thanks to In-Ex Upholstery you can be sure that you will get the best foam at the best price possible. When purchasing foam you need to make sure you get the right kind, depending on your needs, whether your foam is […]

December 20, 2017

Why should you choose In-Ex Upholstery for your Commercial Furniture Upholstery?

In-Ex Upholstery knows that finding the right commercial furniture upholstery shop can be quite difficult, therefore, we would like to show you why we are your best commercial furniture upholstery service provider in the Portland Metro Area. First of all, we have worked on all types of commercial upholstery projects ranging from restaurants to hotels, […]

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