The Original Latex


In January 1929, Mr E.A. Murphy, of the Dunlop Rubber Company III Birmingham, invented Latex Foam. It was the culmination of many years’ research and an invention that was to make the world a much more comfortable place.

The search for a technique to create foam rubber from liquid latex had preoccupied rubber technologists since the start of the century and it is doubtful whether those working on the project fully appreciated the significance of what they had achieved.

Today, latex foam is regarded as the supreme cushioning material and is widely used in bedding and furniture markets around the world.

One particular type of latex foam however, has established itself over and above all others – that material is Dunlopillo Talalay Latex.

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Pincore Latex, produced by the Talalay system, is characterized by the large number of pencil-shaped holes formed by the pins in the lid and base of the mold. Combined with the uniform, open cell structure of the latex foam, these pin-holes provide an excellent ventilation system that allows the product to breathe.

Notably, Talalay Latex pillows and mattresses have, for many years, proved beneficial to people allergic to more traditional fillings.

Dunlopillo International Talalay Latex is also highly versatile III that Its symmetrical structure allows it to be cut into intricate shapes without losing any of its natural resilience.

This makes it ideal for hand-building and splitting into sheets, although Dunlopillo International can supply sizes up to 150cms wide and 15cms deep in a single piece. Dunlopillo Talalay Latex is available in a variety of hardnesses, from SQ through to extra firm, catering for all sorts of applications.

No CFC’s are used during the manufacturing process, making it kinder to the environment. Resistant to bacteria, durable, resilient, well-ventilated and extremely comfortable, Talalay Latex is considered the luxury interior for furniture and mattresses.

Remember, all Dunlopillo International latex foams are thoroughly washed during manufacture in order to produce the best physical properties and avoid the risk of latex allergies.


A mix compound containing a blend of natural and synthetic latex is prepared. Soaps, sulfur and other ingredients are added and air is injected into the mix. The desired quantity of wet foam is then metered out into special aluminum molds with a large number of thin vertical pills which are necessary for efficient heat transfer throughout the product. After the mold has been partially filled with liquid foam it is closed, and sealed. It is then cooled and a vacuum applied which causes the foam to expand and fill the mold.The foam is then frozen by cooling the mold to -30°C, and carbon dioxide gas is passed through, which causes the foam to gel. It is this freezing/gelling operation which gives Talalay foam its superior structure compared with foams made by other processes. Once gelling is complete the mold is quickly heated to 110-112°C and vulcanization induced. After de-molding all products are thoroughly washed to remove soaps and other residual ingredients which have served their purpose and are undesirable in the final product. Finally, the products pass through a highly efficient forced-air dryer. This ensures that not only are the products completely dried, but that the exacting quality specifications. physical properties of the foam also meet exacting quality specifications.


Dunlopillo International is constantly researching new processes, materials and standards in its laboratories at Pannal. We are keenly aware of the ever changing marketplace and the need to investigate further uses for Talalay Latex through continuous product development and close liaison with our customers.


Investment in the latest profile cutting equipment has enabled Dunlopillo International to offer its customers a comprehensive range of contoured cushions, pillows and block.

This means that we can now virtually tailor-make a product to each customer’s requirements. Adhering to the strict flammability regulations of the furniture market III the UK, Dunlopillo International now leads the world in the production of fire retardant latex foam pillows, mattresses and block.

At Dunlopillo International we have developed the bagging of latex cores and sheets into polythene bags, which are then compressed into roll packs in order to compress the volume by around 50% – increasing the efficiency of shipping.


Dunlopillo International’s busy export department is committed to offering the customer a complete service, from order inquiries and price quotations through to an efficient all-inclusive delivery of the products, handling all necessary paperwork.

Our multilingual team regularly deals with customers in more than seventy countries worldwide, ensuring that each order is closely monitored to meet the required specifications and lead time.

Furniture Tips & Tricks

Furniture Tips & Tricks: Is your furniture worth Reupholstering?:

Your home living room takes character from the furniture you have in it. A lot of decorative items, some family pictures and your favorite tv show playing on the TV, it all brings that home feeling we all enjoy. But the one part of the room we all forget to give enough credit to is our upholstery. The couch the entire family has sat around to watch Sunday morning movies for the past years, well that sofa will eventually get so much use that the leather or cloth will wear down. The springs move out of place and the foam sinks in and swallows you whole. The foam on your furniture is only meant to last about 10 years. In some cases, latex foam can last 20 years but if you have a latex foam couch you probably paid upwards of $5,000 for the couch. Latex foam is natural, very comfortable but very expensive. So, assuming you have polyurethane foam on your couch, in a matter of months after 7-10 years of owning, you will notice the need for replacing the foam and we have you covered. Foam can be cut to size and it comes in different weights and comfort levels, you would ultimately have to stop by the upholstery supply store to pick up your own type of foam. Knowing if the furniture you have is ready to be re-foamed and/or reupholster varies depending on the furniture.

Should you worry about getting new foam soon? Well, most foam only last 7-10 years depending on how often you sit on it. The foam is usually well covered inside your cushions, but foam turns into dust that can be harmful if it becomes fine enough to exit the cotton covers. This would be the best reason to replace the foam immediately. If you dare open the cushion covers of a couch after 20 years of being constantly used, you will need a vacuum to collect all the foam dust and pieces that may fall out. But luckily, furniture frames are usually meant to last a lifetime if not broken by jumping on it or dropping it from the second floor. The wood work is precisely made to withstand its common use. Furniture then only needs the maintenance of replacing the foam, and reupholsterying with new fabric if it may be part of the cats-and-dogs-ripping furniture apart epidemic of 2017. Check your cushions by unzipping them open and if you notice your foam being dry and not bouncing back, you are coming close to having foam dust creating inside your home furniture. And plus, once you replace the foam on your sofa, your sofa will feel new again and Sunday morning movies will be back to full comfort.



The Natural Benefits of Latex

Naturally Hypo-Allergenic:
Reduces allergy triggers such as dust mites, mold, fungus and mildew. Results in a healthier nights’ sleep. Better health, better sleep.

Made With Pure Latex:
Never any fillers or additives – results in superior cell structure and uniform density.

No Motion Disturbance:
Latex Mattresses provide each sleeper with total support and an individualized sleeping surface making it highly unlikely that you will be disturbed by your partners’ movements.

Latex Breathes:
Creating a natural insulating sleeping surface. Latex Mattresses tend to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Sleep on a Latex Mattress for just one night, and you’ll wonder how you ever slept without one.No more aching back, aches and pains or stiff neck caused by insufficient support or inadequate pressure relief. Latex is the finest conforming and longest lasting upholstery material ever incorporated into a mattress. It provides superior support and pressure relief.

Tapped from rubber trees at plantations in South-East Asia, is a milky-white liquid which is the key ingredient in producing pure Latex. Liquid Latex is poured into specially developed aluminum molds which form the Latex Core. At the end of the production. process all Latex Foam Cores are tested for quality and measured for exact hardness then given a specific rating to ensure a top quality product.

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Looking for a upholstery Portland Shop? As fall and winter approach its now time to get your furniture upholstered and ready for those cold days when all you want to do is stay home and lay down on your newly upholstered cozy, comfortable couch or chair. This is why it is important to find the right upholstery Portland specialist, because you want to make sure that only the highest quality of upholstery supplies and upholstery fabrics are used.

A few days ago, we received a call from a client who wanted to upholster her old couch but was shopping around, getting different quotes from different upholstery shops in Portland, when she called, she explained that her couch needed some repair because she was remodeling her house and wanted to make sure everything was just perfect.

Our client said she didn’t want to get rid of the couch, even though it was the “easiest” thing to do, instead of finding and calling many Portland upholstery shops all day long, trying to get someone to answer the phone or get back to her with a quote.

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For a brief but good explanation about the main differences between polyurethane foam and latex foam please click here.

Also, if you would like to ask us a question about our foam you can simply visit our contact page and fill out our form with any questions you may have of any upholstery product we carry.

Even though our upholstery foam warehouse is in Portland, Oregon we can arrange shipping of your upholstery foam to Salem, or you can simply drive 45 minutes to Portland and see for yourself the many foam options we have for our clients.

We are opened everyday except Sundays, so give us a call any time of the day for information about or Salem foam and how the shipping process works.

Your Upholstery Options

Portland upholstery or just buy new furniture?

Whether to buy new furniture or find a Portland upholstery company has been a question that has been asked many times even nowadays, in numerous forums, boards on many multiple web sites and even personal blogs or even at informal every day conversations. We have just thought of including our own opinions about this particular subject because it has been a very popular topic throughout the years.

Upholstery Suggestions:

For us prior to deciding to ask somebody outside your household you can ask yourself a few but very important questions:

1. Is the furniture fairly recent, or old?
2. Does it have any sort of emotional/sentimental values?
3. Are you attempting to match interiors?

I’ll describe a bit more these factors. The pieces of furniture created twenty five years ago were quite solid and more durable due to better, more sturdy material, therefore, it still keeps its strength. There is absolutely no point in getting rid of furniture who have this quality. Vintage home furniture pieces are very popular and as everyone knows they can have a higher value than the one you may expect.

If you have any furnishings which you inherited from older family members, for instance grandparents you wouldn’t want to put it in the trash ( At least we wouldn’t recommend it.) If you’re trying to complement interior colors and have the desire of your own fabric colors or textures, certainly you go for re-upholstery and look for a Portland upholstery company as furniture sellers may not have the furniture in the color or even fabric of your choice. You select the fabric the furniture upholstery company has and then In-Ex Upholstery does its job and re-upholsters your furniture. As you can see, this last scenario would be the less costly than buying brand new furniture, and the emotional value stays there.

Do you need a Portland Upholstery Company?

If you need any upholstery service, including Portland furniture upholstery, auto interior upholstery, mid-century upholstery, convertible tops, commercial upholstery, residential upholstery, or simply upholstery supplies to start your own upholstery project please contact us.

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